A Brief Tour of the New Trailhead

The new trailhead at the end of Randolph Hill Road has been constructed!

Finish work, such as the kiosk construction and installation, signage and interpretive trail development remain to be done. In the mean time, however, here’s a video tour of the trailhead, courtesy of Forest Commission member Mark Kelley.

The approach grade has been made much more gentle, for the benefit of drivers and also winter maintenance. As you turn left into the trailhead, there are two pull-offs on the left, each accommodating three vehicles. Then, a large, flat rock on the right is visible– this will have a Community Forest dedication etched into it. After that, two black bags covering concrete piers, marking the future location of the kiosk. Trails access will leave from the right side of the kiosk.

A large stone bench is on the left, for waiting for errant family members and friends!

Farther along the trailhead, you’ll see the recently-added wildlife opening, along with a great view of the Northern Presidentials. Then, there are two more pull-offs, again each accommodating three cars.

The trailhead is now open for business! RMC trails in the area will be relocated to the trailhead in the near future.