Caught on Video: The Eastern Coyote

A number of wildlife cameras are scattered around Randolph’s Community Forest. These digital cameras are motion-activated, so when a critter walks by… we see it!

Well– look who dropped by, just a few days ago!

John Scarinza, the current Chair of the Randolph Community Forest, shared this note, about the videos we feature below.

One of the permanent residents of the Randolph Community Forest is the Eastern Coyote.  Typically weighing 30 to fifty pounds, they are almost twice the size of their western cousins.   Recent research has determined that their larger size and appearance is the result of their breeding with Canadian gray wolves, as they migrated from the west through Canada while en-route to the northeast.  While first confirmed in New Hampshire in 1944, their numbers really started to take hold in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. Today, they inhabit all regions of the state.  While very elusive and not often seen, sometimes they can be heard howling to communicate to other members of the pack, and thus letting those of us who live nearby, that the Eastern Coyote is a permanent inhabitant of the Randolph Community Forest.