Crystal Mine Trail Open for Hiking

The new Randolph Community Forest trail from the Farrar homestead site on US Route 2 to the crystal mine on the Forest, is open and ready for use!

The trail, which will be managed by the Community Forest, was built by the Randolph Mountain Club (RMC). The Forest Commission hired RMC to complete the project. The trail was built with crew time during the summers of 2015 and 2016. The trail uses a combination of new trail and existing forest roads to reach the site on the shoulder of Mount Randolph.

The long history of the crystal mine means there’s a lot to see, if you look carefully.

Here’s a map of the full route, courtesy of Randolph’s Jim Anderson:

The new Crystal Mine Trail starts at the former Farrar residence on US Route 2 in Randolph, and climbs to its terminus at the mine. (Map courtesy of Jim Anderson.)

The crystal mine is a unique location on the Community Forest, with an intriguing history dating back many decades. You can read more about the mine, the role it played in World War II and some recent management challenges, right here.

We look forward to seeing the trail get used, and sharing this unique aspect of the forest with interested visitors from near and far.

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