Winter’s Coming!

Winter’s coming to the Randolph Community Forest– and with it, the chance to spend months skiing on the 26 miles of roads, and dozens of miles of trails and ski routes on the Forest.

An informal group that calls itself the Randolph Society for the Advancement of Backcountry Skiing maintains a number of miles of informal backcountry ski routes on the Forest. This past Saturday, the group cleaned up a mile of old skid roads that are used to circumnavigate Mount Crescent in winter.

Thanks to a great crew, which included Peter Brockett, Jason Hunter, Megan Johnson, Doug Mayer, Jeremiah Mccrae-Hawkins, and David Salisbury.

If you’d like more information on the group, including a summary of the routes available for skiing, contact Doug Mayer at sherpamayer [at]

Here a few photos of the work day!